Class: Make an Evening Feather Headdress with Lynn McMasters

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Come make a Late 18th thru early 20th C Evening Feather Hair Ornament

In this class, you will make one complex or 2-3 simple feather hair ornaments with crystals/ribbons/silk flowers to complete an evening hairstyle.

In addition, there will be hair styling demos so you know how to use your feather ornament to it best advantage.

Class level: Intermediate

Instructor will provide:

Florist tape, glue, wire, metal ornamental parts, tools and many accent feathers.

Students should provide

1) Craft scissors, jewelry pliers if they have them.

2) 5-7, 12-15” ostrich drabs (body feathers) in a color to match your evening gown. If you are making an 18th C tall feather ornament you might want to get two wing feathers for every plume you want to have in your final ornament.

3) Small crystal beads or pendent. (Please contact teacher if you have an idea of what you might need to make a certain hair ornament.)

About the Instructor:

Lynn has been teaching workshop classes and writing how to articles for almost 17 years.  She has also created over 60 hat patterns and has made amazing hair decorations and headdresses as well.

Lynn’s website with patterns:

Class size is limited.  Reserve your spot now!



Sunday, August 18th


10:00 am to 4:30 pm

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