14″ Wooden Busk for Stays, Corsets, and Elizabethan Bodies

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We now carry wooden busks from Redthreaded! These custom wooden busks are perfect for 16th through to early 19th century corsets and stays, including Regency stays, 18th century stays, and Elizabethan pairs of bodies. 14″ Long.

These wooden corset busks are custom made by a small-batch manufacturer to Redthreaded’s specifications. They are made from ash hardwood, and are 1.5″ wide (3.75 cm) and 1/8″ (3–4mm) thick. All edges are smoothed and sanded, and the ends are rounded. The busks are finished with a coat of polycrylic varnish.

Redthreaded Regency long stays pattern and 1830s stays pattern take 14″ busks, while Redthreaded 1790s transitional stays pattern take 12″ busks.

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